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Marketing Pet Products & Services
in Changing Times

Are you struggling to grow your pet product business and wish you had help marketing pet products? Point Taken is here to help. We specialize in marketing and public relations services for manufacturers of pet products, pet stores* and pet food brands. With our wealth of experience in animal welfare marketing and public relations, we understand the desires of pet parents.

For the owner of a pet, their dog, cat, bunny or bird is more than an animal: he or she is a family member. Brands must keep that buyer’s mentality at the forefront of every marketing campaign. From trade shows to paid advertising, media coverage to social media, e-blasts to sales funnels, the pet owner’s love of their furry friend must shine through your messaging.

At Point Taken, we help the following organizations marketing pet products:

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* Please note, Point Taken does not support the sale of pets instead focusing on animal rescue.

Ready for Help Marketing Your Pet Product?
Let Point Taken Help Your Spark Change in the Pet Product Industry with Your Product:

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