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Sparking Change Through
Marketing and Public Relations
for Luxury Brands

Luxury is for people with discerning tastes, and marketing and public relations for luxury brands must meet this demographic’s expectations. The luxury consumer works hards, and often makes sacrifices, to afford luxury products and services. These customers are accustomed to exceptional service, top-notch care and personalized assistance. Targeting the luxury consumer through marketing and public relations takes an agency that understands the consumer’s habits, including how they shop, what the watch and read, and how they consume information. 

The luxury consumer has disposable income and values the quality of your product or service more than the price. With the right marketing and public relations, these consumers can become brand evangelists, buying from you multiple times and upgrading when you have new product lines. Apple, BMW, Louis Vuitton and Restoration Hardware are excellent examples of such brands.

From iconic logos to exclusive events, luxury brands must go above and beyond to meet their customer’s expectations. With constantly evolving tactics to target these consumers, luxury marketing officers must work with an agency that understands your clientele and how to exceed their expectations. Whether you are launching a new product or service, developing an event to build brand affinity or creating packaging to differentiate your brand, Point Taken‘s team of senior marketing and public relations professionals are here to help. 

Ready to Spark Change Through
Marketing and Public Relations for Your Luxury Brand?

Point Taken Communications, a boutique Jacksonville public relations and marketing firm serving brands nationwide, creates engaging campaigns that ignite positive change and move audiences to action. We go above and beyond, ensuring each client gets the best return on its investment. Our team of senior professionals has decades of experience bringing bold, creative ideas to life to help companies and nonprofits grow and evolve. At Point Taken, our clients inspire us to fuel progress for your organization, your industry and our world.