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Managing Social Media in a Crisis

With the pandemic and political unrest, many business owners are feeling anxious  about making sure they keep a neutral stance (or a stance that supports their work) when it comes to how their clients and potential customers see them. Part of this includes advertisements and other forms of marketing on social media. Point Taken is here to help social media managers understand managing social media in a crisis. Let’s discuss the appropriate time to continue marketing and advertising and when it may be a better idea to press the pause button. 

Being ready to pull back on advertising is especially important in 2020 and 2021, but it’s also something a company should always have in the back of their mind and prepare to do. Digiday says many customers know they don’t want ads running during planned important news or events, but what if it’s unplanned?

As an agency, Point Taken has that conversation with clients. Even when there is no breaking news, when and what type of content is each client comfortable posting? We then dive deeper – when there is breaking news, do clients feel comfortable posting or advertising? They may say absolutely not, wait until things have settled. Or if they are comfortable continuing posting and advertising, how much and what do that want to post or promote? These are questions and plans you need to consider before a crisis happens. 

There’s talk of a recession coming our way; some may even say our country is already in one, or at least showing signs. It’s a natural thought for business owners and nonprofit leaders to wonder how they will cut their budget. Many times, advertising is one of the top cuts. But according to Forbes,  many studies say continuing to advertise and market during a recession can have very positive impacts on a company. Many companies that have maintained or grown their advertising and marketing during recessions saw an increase in revenue. Forbes says there are several reasons a company should continue advertising during a difficult time. For example, their competition could be cutting back, giving your business or nonprofit a boost. 

Metrixlab echoes what Forbes reports and says that although marketing and advertising can be one of the first areas suspended during hard times, that is not necessarily the best idea. The company says there is strong evidence cutting back on advertising can hurt sales during and after a recession. Metrixlab also makes a good point that many customers are interested in still seeing advertising from a business during a pandemic or recession, but also wondering if the company is using resources to help those impacted by the crisis. Point Taken can help your figure out the best way to advertise and reach more customers while also letting them know you care about the people impacted by hard times.

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