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Make Your Business Email Easier to Use

As a business owner or nonprofit executive, you probably receive hundreds of emails daily. Some are from prospects, leads or clients, while some are solicitations or junk mail. With so many other priorities, you want to make the most of your business email, optimizing your efficiency. Point Taken offers a few tips to get the most out of your business email:

1. Use Gmail for Work: For $5 per employee per month, Gmail for Work allows you to use all the features of a personal Gmail account using your company’s email address. Other features included in Gmail for Work are a shared drive, integrated online calendars, video and voice calls.

2. Try Sidekick: Offered by HubSpot, Sidekick¬†allows you to see who opens and reads your emails. It also notifies you when someone clicks on a link in your email. Sidekick provides valuable data about your contacts, including information about a contact’s company such as annual revenue, headquarters location and phone number. Another Sidekick feature lets you schedule your emails, so if you often find yourself working at midnight, you can schedule emails to send the next morning. Sidekick works with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail and is free for up to 200 email and click notifications¬†per month. For only $10 per month, get unlimited email and click notifications.

3. Get on a Streak: Streak is a customer relationship management system that works within Gmail. Create custom pipelines and add contacts to your pipelines from your inbox. Share notes and comments with your team using the collaboration feature, and enjoy unlimited notifications when your emails are read for free. Streak also offers mail merge and email scheduling with new features rolling out regularly.

4. Undo Send: You just sent an email but accidentally spelled the subject line incorrectly. With Undo Send in Gmail, you have ten seconds to stop your email. Access Settings from the Gmail gear icon, click on Labs and enable Undo Send. Want more time to undo a send? Give yourself up t0 30 seconds to recall an email in the General Settings section after enabling Undo Send. Gmail Labs features are experimental, so try Undo Send now in case it changes or disappears in the future.

5. Start Using Stars: In Gmail, you can easily flag an email by hitting the star to the left of the message. Need different starts and symbols to organize your inbox? Go to Settings and activate additional symbols in a variety of colors and symbols such as exclamation points, check and question marks.

6. Can the Response: Constantly responding to job inquiries when you have no openings? Tired of typing the same message to unsolicited offers from vendors? Try Canned Responses for Gmail. In the Settings section, click on Labs and enable Canned Responses. When writing or responding to an email, click on the small gray down arrow below the email. Type a response, click on the arrow, and create a new canned response. The response will save as soon as you type a name for the new canned response.

Using some or all of these email hacks should help lessen your workload and make your inbox easier to manage. Need additional help organizing your inbox? Contact Point Taken today.

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