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What is Keyword Planning:
How to Select Keywords
for Small Business Marketing & PR

Keyword planning. You may have heard of it, but what is it and how on the earth is it going to help your small business or nonprofit public relations and marketing? Keyword planning is the act of selecting a word or group of words to utilize in your content to encourage search engines to display your website in results. Many marketers traditionally turned to the Google Keyword Tool for keyword suggestions, but Google has integrated that free tool with AdWords, now calling it the Keyword Planner. In order to use the Keyword Planner, marketers, small business owners and nonprofit executives must now enter credit card information to create an AdWords account. If you don’t want to give out your credit card info just yet, there are some other simple Google tools you can use to find keywords without signing up for AdWords, such as Google Autocomplete and Google Related Searches. (We will discuss how to create a Google AdWords account without charges appearing on your credit card in a future blog post.)

What is Google Autocomplete for Keyword Planning?

Have you noticed when you search for a keyword or string of words in Google that the search engine will automatically populate keywords and phrases in the search bar? Let’s pretend you are a dentist in Jacksonville, Florida. As you type in dentists in Jacksonville, Google adds commonly searched words to the search bar, giving you an idea of what keywords others are searching. If your keywords don’t populate in the search bar, try a different string of words. When you find a group of words that populates in the Google search bar, you probably have words that people are searching regularly. Remember that different people will see different results, so someone searching in Jacksonville, Fla., is likely to get a different set of results from someone searching in Jacksonville, N.C. Google’s autocomplete suggestions take into account your previous search terms, so remember this can also skew your results.

What is Google Related Searches for Keyword Planning?

When you search in Google for a term, such as “dentists in Jacksonville, FL,” Google displays the top results for that string of keywords. At the bottom of the page of search results, Google also suggests “Searches Related to dentists in Jacksonville, FL,” giving you an entirely new set of keywords to try. In our dentist example, we get keyword suggestions including dentures, oral surgeons and cosmetic dentists in Jacksonville, Fla. Drill down to your niche or your neighborhood to create keywords that are more defined, and you are more likely to show up in results.

How Can Point Taken Communications Help with Keyword Planning?

Keyword planning should be a key component of your content marketing and blogging strategy. As you begin to craft a blog post, webpage or site, research keywords before writing. Your keyword selection could greatly impact your rankings in search engines, and your potential customers’ chances of finding you online.

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