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Seven Vital Web Design Elements


Key Elements for Small Business Web Design and Nonprofit Web Design

Website design comes in many forms. You can select from a site designed in WordPress, HTML, Ruby on Rails or on a free platform. While the choices may seem complicated, for small business owners and nonprofit organizations, WordPress is the best alternative. Originally built for blogging, WordPress has quickly becoming the content management system (CMS) of choice for smaller organizations.

At Point Taken, we build all of our websites in WordPress, making them simple and easy for small business owners and nonprofit executives to create and publish their own blog posts, event information, product photos and other promotional information. We believe it is important for you to make quick and easy changes to your website, so we also offer WordPress training, in addition to our public relations and marketing training classes.

As a small business or nonprofit organization, your website design should be simple for clients and potential customers to find and easy for them to navigate. Point Taken believes in the following website design core values:

1. Search-Engine Friendly: We design all of our small business websites and nonprofit websites so they are easy to find on the Internet and stand out from the competition.

2. Easy to Navigate: Customers should easily find answers to their most pressing questions. We create all of our Jacksonville website designs with clear menus so customers and potential clients can quickly and easily find the information they need.

3. True To Brand: Your website is your presence on your Internet. Your small business website or nonprofit website should match your brand standards so it reflects your company or mission.

4. Fast to Load: No one likes a slow website, especially search engines. Using best practices, we work hard to ensure all of the small business and nonprofit websites we design are quick to load.

5. Reader-Friendly: Point Taken’s public relations professionals write clear and concise copy for all the small business and nonprofit websites we design. We believe all websites should be easy to read, answering all of your customers’ questions, so we follow journalistic writing standards to make your small business or nonprofit website shine.

6. Clear Calls to Action: All sites should have clear calls-to-action. It should be simple for clients and potential customers to take the next step in the sale process and find out more information about your products and services. We create all small business websites and nonprofit websites with clear calls to action.

7. Simple Contact Information: Potential customers should never have a difficult time figuring out how to contact your small business or nonprofit organization for more information. At Point Taken, we ensure contact information is easy to find in all of the small business websites and nonprofit websites we design.

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