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Jacksonville Crisis Communications

When a disastrous event or difficult situation occurs, it can greatly affect the future of your business or nonprofit organization. That’s why it is vital companies and organizations have a crisis communication plan to respond to customers and the public promptly. Point Taken, a Jacksonville public relations and marketing firm specializes in Jacksonville crisis communications. Crisis communications means having a strategic plan in place to make corresponding with people during a disruptive event quick, proactive and detailed. During crisis communications, businesses and organizations should constantly monitor the situation as it evolves to keep their customers updated with cancellations, rescheduling and other information. Some ways a company can properly respond to a crisis include:

  • Creating a crisis communications plan
  • Having a crisis communications team
  • Training that team how to respond
  • Remembering that accuracy is key while publishing facts in a timely manner before rushing to release unconfirmed information
  • Being honest and transparent with your team and customers

In this era of smart phones and social media, it is best to communicate multiple ways. For example, people may be away from their computers, so text messages may reach some people faster than email. Website banners, email, press conferences and press releases are other ways to communicate in a time of Jacksonville crisis communications. Whether communicating through text message, an app or e-mail, it’s also important that the messaging stays consistent.

Document your crisis communications plan and ensure each member of the crisis communications team has a copy of the plan. It should be easy to access and include important phone numbers, emails and mailing addresses. Keep your plan updated regularly as information may change. Social media is also a useful way to communicate during a crisis but must be used in strategically. Posts made on social media outlets such as TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, etc. can reach hundreds, even thousands of people, so it’s important to approach with a specific strategy.

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