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How to Use WordPress

You are creating a new website or updating an existing WordPress site, but you have no idea how to use WordPress. No problem. This free guide will get your started on your way to becoming a wiz. 

WordPress is a content management platform (CMS) that allows you to build beautiful, user-friendly, mobile-friendly and unique websites. With a wide variety of software options that can “plugin” to your site, the design possibilities are endless.

Did You Know These Sites Are Built on WordPress?

In How to Use WordPress, You Will Learn:

An overview of the content management system.

We’ll cover the basic components of a WordPress site.

We’ll explain how to use the dashboard.

We’ll discuss when to use pages and how to publish a page.

We’ll talk about the use of posts and categories.

We’ll explore best practices for uploading images and videos to your site.

We’ll go over when to use comments.

We’ll explain the Genesis framework.

We’ll discuss appearance and menus.

We’ll explain how to use plugins.

We’ll go over how to add users.

We’ll explain the tools section.

We’ll discuss settings.

We’ll show you how to optimize your content for search engines.

We’ll go over how to back up your website.

We’ll discuss the benefits of Elementor.

Ready to Learn WordPress?

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