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How to Use Facebook Live for Your
Business or Nonprofit Organization

How to Use Facebook Live to Promote Your Business or Nonprofit

Let’s learn how to use Facebook live for small businesses and nonprofits. Facebook Live is a free and easy tool to market your small business or nonprofit organization to a wide audience. Simply download the Facebook pages app and click publish.



Tap the icon of a person with two circles around it. Facebook will prompt you that you are about to go live, so double check your background, comb your hair and get ready. Unsure what to say? Point Taken Communications offers five ideas showing how to use Facebook Live for your small business or nonprofit organization.

  1. Broadcast an Event: Hosting a fundraiser or open house? Share it on Facebook Live. Offer an overview of the event for Facebook fans, interview attendees or use the event as a backdrop to share your company or nonprofit’s mission. Trying to sell tickets in advance of the special event? Go live from the venue or dress up to match the event theme and explain how to purchase tickets. Consider offering a special Facebook discount or early bird special to encourage viewers to order tickets early.
  2. Share a Story: Have a good story to share? Perhaps you rescued a starving, homeless dog from the streets or just opened a new location of your thriving restaurant business. Share the story live. Visit the spot where you found the poor pup or share as the starving puppy visits the vet for the first time. Wearing your apron, show Facebook fans around your new eatery or give them a behind-the-scenes tour of the kitchen. Other great stories include an overview of why you started your small business or nonprofit organization, a day in the life of an employee or an interview with one of your best (and most loyal) customers.
  3. Carry a Class: Are you a teacher, chef or personal trainer? Do you offer classes teaching your expertise to others? Broadcast a class live! Not only does Facebook Live give you a chance to tell potential students what your organization is about, they can experience the class first hand, bringing them further down the sales funnel and more likely to pay for a future class. Remember to have students sign waivers before broadcasting the class to ensure they are comfortable promoting your organization and you legally have the right to use their image.
  4. Teach Tips: Give your fans a few pointers. A hair salon owner can show the style trends or a book store can share their recommendations for top reads. A little advice can go a long way towards creating long-term customers. Just remember not to give away too much for free. Offer tips that encourage people to buy your products or donate to your cause instead of allowing them to take your tips and do it themselves.
  5. Introduce Your Blog: Go live on Facebook to give a little information about a recent blog post. Share the link to your blog post while live to encourage Facebook fans to visit your blog and learn more about your organization. Remember to copy and paste the URL of your blog post in the introduction to your live video so people can easily reference the post.

While it might seem daunting to go live on Facebook for the first time, take a deep breath, relax and talk naturally into the camera just as you would talk to a friend. Remember, your Facebook fans have already opted in to like your page on Facebook, so they have a connection with your brand. After a few tries, Facebook Live will become easy and this new method of marketing for small businesses and nonprofit organizations will hopefully lead to new sales and donations.

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