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How to Sell Products
with Public Relations

Though every company and product is different, all brands can benefit from more sales. But how to do you make more sales? Try utilizing some PR tactics. Let’s explore how to sell products with public relations. 

Our first piece of advice may surprise you as it’s not directly related to sales, but the culture of a company. Business executives want to make sure their employees have a healthy work environment where they feel safe and are heard. When you have a safe working environment, Mark “The Sales Hunter” (a well-known public speaker, sales trainer and author) says employees are more likely to perform well. You can then promote your healthy work environment through public relations in the way of awards, social media posts and videos about life working at your company.

The Sales Hunter also reminds us to focus on a target customer instead of reaching out to any and everyone. If you’re not sure who your target customer is, that’s something PR and marketing specialists can help you define. At Point Taken, we frequently help our clients determine the key traits of their target customers and outline how to appropriately reach those audiences. Once you have identified your target market, you can pitch stories about your products to media outlets they are likely to watch, listen to or read.

Sales Drive says something as simple as using technology is an easy way to improve sales. A CRM system, or customer relationship management system, is one form of technology that can do wonders for revenue. CRMs make it easy to connect and track communications with existing and potential customers. A good CRM will also allow you to record important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays, children’s or pet’s names. You can then use public relations tactics to send personalized emails, congratulate clients publicly or ask them for testimonials based on their sales history with your company.

Indeed says customer service is key to finding and keeping clients. Usually, a manager should be in charge of making sure their team is appropriately interacting with  and keeping up with customers. Getting a sale is important, but ensuring a customer is happy and returns to do business with you is even more important. Ever sat on chat or a phone call with customer service for hours over a company’s mistake? That’s a fast and easy way to lose a customer (and friends or followers of that customer). Do your best to resolve a customer’s complaint quickly and efficiently, and the consumer may do your PR for you. Imagine a social media post praising your customer service efforts instead of bashing your brand.

Whether you want to ramp up sales or start a brand new marketing campaign, Point Taken has a team with years of experience helping businesses create public relations and marketing plans to increase sales. 

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