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How to Promote a Museum,
Arts or Cultural Organization

Are you in charge of promoting a nonprofit arts or cultural organization and don’t know where to start? Point Taken, a public relations and marketing firm specializing in nonprofits, explains how to promote a museum, arts or cultural organization.

In the age of smart phones, OTT & CTV, marketing automation, search engine marketing and constant changes in news organizations, you may not know where to start promoting an arts or cultural organization. By creating a strategic plan, you can develop data-driven tactics that will bring more patrons to your museum, theater, performing arts center, music festival, arts festival, gallery exhibit, opera or symphony.

In order to create a strategic plan, you need to take a high-level look at your organization, including your nonprofit’s goals, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) and your messaging. Talk to your stakeholders and ask tough questions to create a strategic plan that helps you to understand your nonprofit better so you can market the organization. With the first part of your strategic plan ready, you can create public relations and marketing tactics that answer the question of how to promote a museum, arts or cultural organization. 

As a team of senior-level marketing and public relations professionals, we have created a number of tactics to promote museums, arts and cultural organizations. A few tactics that might help you promote your nonprofit include:

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