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How to Grow Your
Nonprofit Social Media
Audience Organically

Nonprofits are vital parts of our society. Zippia says there are more than 1.5 million nonprofits in the U.S. alone. These organizations often do not have the budget to grow their following with ads, influencers or affiliate marketing, like many bigger for-profit organizations. Nonprofits have to utilize other measures to grow, which can seem daunting, but it is very doable and realistic with the right strategies and tactics in place. Nonprofits can grow their social media followings organically, without having to spend extra money.

First, make sure you have consistency and experience creating and posting to social media. It is important to have the same person or persons creating and posting your content, whether it is a volunteer,  employee or agency. This will help ensure your page has a natural flow that won’t leave viewers feeling confused or asking questions. Once you have your social media workflow plan in place, it’s time to start posting to social media!

AdRoll says to post content that gets your audience excited. People are going to find interest in your post if it grabs their attention and adds value to their lives. Your post could be educational (i.e., explaining the purpose/mission of your nonprofit). It can be entertaining, like a video or picture that will make people laugh or smile (but of course is also related to your organization). Sharable content is always a good option – something that has the potential to go viral, whether it’s a fun meme or a video that spreads awareness about your cause.

For social media experts this is a no-brainer: use the right hashtags! Hashtags are designed to help organize social media posts. There are thousands, if not millions of new posts a day. All these posts can be overwhelming, especially if someone is looking for a specific type of post. A hashtag helps a viewer search for something or learn more about a certain topic. AdRoll says “When used effectively, hashtags can strengthen brand image and encourage social sharing by creating positive associations or building momentum around an event”.

Out final thought is a basic marketing and PR principle: know your audience. If you don’t understand your target audience, you’re not going to know their interests, the websites they visit or the products and services they need. To understand your audience, you’ll need to dig into your social media and website analytics and data. While it might seem overwhelming, knowing the data the drives people to your social media and website is vital to both marketing and PR. 

Nonprofits do so much for our communities, our states, our country and our world, so it’s important that they have the resources they need to help them grow. At Point Taken we are honored to work with nonprofits throughout the country. If your nonprofit needs help growing your social media audience, we would love to help. Reach out, so we can discuss how Point Taken can help you grow.

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