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How to Distribute a Press Release

There are a variety of ways to distribute a press release, but some methods are better than others and offer a better chance of your story garnering news coverage. Point Taken, a public relations and marketing firm of senior professionals, explains how to distribute a press release.

After brainstorming newsworthy ideas to pitch the media, Point Taken‘s team carefully crafts a press release and a pitch designed to grab a journalist’s attention. Remember, the media is inundated with pitches and press releases daily, so your press release or pitch must cut through the clutter. From developing a catch headline to following the latest best practices on times to send releases and ways to distribute them, Point Taken is always creating innovative ways to promote our clients to journalists. 

For each release, we carefully curate a list of journalists who we believe would be interested in our client’s story. We then target these members of the media with thoughtful, tailored pitches.

Just as important, or sometimes even more vital, Point Taken’s team understands how and when to follow up with the media. We never want our clients to become the “boy who cried wolf”. Just like in the childrens’ fable, the media will ignore pitches that aren’t relevant, timely or impactful. We know how and when to follow up, and when to stop following up and seek other avenues for client news.

Ready to start distributing press releases about your company or nonprofit? Need help crafting newsworthy stories? Curious how to secure news coverage about your organization? Contact Point Taken today to start earning coverage for your organization.

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