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How Often Should I Blog?

Point Taken Answers “How Often Should I Blog?”

As a small business owner or nonprofit executive, you have a lot on your plate. You have to keep up with your website, ensure that site is optimized for search, manage marketing and public relations strategies, create informative content for your website and e-blasts and produce valuable posts for all of your social media networks. Blogging is just one more marketing and public relations task you must perform. Top that with your general business duties like customer service, accounting, human resources and sales, and blogging might just bog you down. How often should I blog? It all depends on your industry but there are a few practices you can follow to make the blogging process just a little easier.

 1. Analyze Competitors’ Blogs: How often are your competitors blogging? While you should at least blog once a month, if your competitors are blogging weekly, you need to keep up with them. Check back in regularly to see how often others in your industry are creating new and informative blog posts.

2. Plan Blog Topics Once a Month: Create an editorial calendar and stick to it. Publish blog posts on a regular schedule and don’t slack off just because you don’t feel like writing.

3. Read, Read, Read: Can’t figure out what to write about? Look for other blogs or editorial content about your industry and read what others are writing. Reading might lead you to ask additional questions that you can answer in a blog post or help you figure out some of the most pressing questions your customers need answered. Just remember to never plagiarize. Always create new content.

3. Create a Blog Day: Does writer’s block hit just when it is time to blog? Set aside a day to write all of your blog posts for the month (or the next few months). Read articles pertaining to your industry to get your brain in gear and then get writing. Once you get in the groove, the words will roll onto the page.

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