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Are you struggling to capture, engage and target prospects and leads? Are you unsure how to prove your worth to current and past clients or donors to encourage them to hire you again? Are you tired of using a variety of different types of software to manage your email distribution, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing campaigns, analytics, sales pipeline and social media? Marketing automation might be your solution. Marketing automation simplifies the tasks you do every day by automating them.

Let’s say you send a follow-up email to a group of prospects who downloaded your new e-book. You want to segment them into lists based on whether or not they clicked through to your website from the follow-up email. That way, you can further target them with additional emails based on that one action. Maybe you want to separate people who downloaded that same e-book based on their interests. Both are easy with marketing automation.

But how much does marketing automation cost? With so many marketing automation platforms on the market and so many new ones going live, pricing varies greatly. Some platforms are designed for large companies, while others help make marketing automation easy for mid-size, small businesses and nonprofits. Depending on the package you select and the add-ons you choose, marketing automation pricing can range from $350 a month to as much as $12,000 per month.

HubSpot offers affordable marketing automation services to fit nearly any budget. Interested in learning more about how Point Taken can help you utilize marketing automation to attract, engage and manage leads? Contact us today.

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