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How Do I Measure the
Impact of PR in 2022?

PR measurement is key for PR agencies, but also for clients, as the measurement can show the type of exposure the PR firm they hired is helping them receive. Over the years, the methodologies for measuring public relations have changed, and as the media changes, you may find yourself asking, “How do I measure the impact of PR in 2022?”

First, let’s discuss the definition of PR measurement. According to Learn Hub, it’s the process of measuring the impact of one or more public relation activities. Metrics measure PR performance and help give an idea of how a certain marketing campaign performs.

Sprout Social says media is a huge part of getting your brand out into the public, which means PR and marketing firms are working more and more with media outlets, both traditional and digital. Because of this, the need for data-driven communications, including PR measurement is so important. Sprout Social also brings attention to some 2022 trends in PR that all organizations need to understand. Here are just a few of those that we find important here at Point Taken:

  • PR professionals these days are having to constantly keep up with new skills and trends, while also still being able to stay traditional.
  • Social media continues to have a huge influence on PR, and that role will likely continue to increase.
  • The role of PR professionals is coming with the need and desire for more and more skills. As media and communication is evolving, PR must follow, so those in PR are wearing many hats.
  • PR professionals must understand analytics. From Google Analytics to social media stats, public relations pros must know how to translate data into actionable campaigns.

Something else to watch in 2022 is the connection between PR and marketing. Forbes says the two continue to prove to be “better together”. The line between the two seems to have been even more blurred because of the pandemic, as many organizations have seemed to take on both roles even more than before. Both PR and marketing professionals have similar goals for their clients – to promote their businesses, increase their visibility and support sales efforts. Professionals with two different but similar backgrounds, brought together, can truly take brainstorming to the next level. If PR and marketing coordinate, it can lead to less headaches, miscommunication and overall better planning and more successful outcomes.

If you are looking for a PR or marketing firm and aren’t sure where to start, Point Taken can help you figure out your needs for 2022 and formulate a plan that lines up with your company, as well as the direction PR is heading.

Ready to take your PR and marketing to the next level? Still asking “How do I measure the impact of PR in 2022?” Point Taken can help.

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