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How Your Organization Can Honor Black History Month

February 2021 couldn’t be a better time for business owners to truly focus on ways to show their support for the black community. After political and racial unrest, many people said they had goals moving forward to be more aware of different cultures and mindsets. 2021 is a new year and a fresh start. February is Black History Month, so there couldn’t be a better time for a business to start brainstorming ways to show their community how they support black businesses, voices and the community as a whole. Point Taken explains how to honor Black History Month.

Digiday says (Publishers welcome rise in Black History Month RFPs | Digiday) more businesses are in fact showing interest in the increase of opportunities to work with people in black communities. For example, Google said it was setting aside $175 million for certain initiatives including supporting businesses focused on the black community. And this goes to show it can cause a domino effect, as Apple and Netflix followed by saying they were doing something similar. Take note business owners – it’s great for your company to show initiative. When other organizations follow suit, you know your idea worked and was noticed by your community and the public.

Maybe you’re a business owner who wants to show your support for the black community but you’re struggling with how to start. Here are some easy ways from Reader’s Digest:

  • Find a black-owned business to support that has goals or values that align with yours. This is as easy as starting with a simple Google search to find black-owned businesses in your area. Whether you partner or invest with that company, a quick conversation with the owner could be mutually beneficial.
  • Buying from a black-owned business one time is great, but that won’t support them over the long-term. With the recession, political unrest and the black community being more impacted by COVID-19 than many other communities, many are struggling and need support not just now, but in the long run. Instead of buying one time from a black-owned business, buy from them on a weekly or regular basis or even ask the owner how you and others can help.
  • Maybe you’re not in a financial position to buy or give money. Supporting businesses on social media is free! Like or follow their pages, like and comment on their posts and share their name on your pages for your followers to see.

There are many other ways you can show your support for black-owned businesses and the black community as a whole. Point Taken is eager to help you define your company or nonprofit’s values. Point Taken has a team of professionals who can help you figure out what will work best for your organization, while also getting your message out to your stakeholders, customers and the community.

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