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Give Your Social Media a Boost
with Trending Topics:
How to Create
Popular Social Media Posts

More social mediafollowers equal more eyes. More eyes on your product or service translates to more engagement. More engagement pushes towards the end goal of more consumers. But how do you create popular social media posts?

Knowing what content is driving traffic requires an understanding of what is trending. Here are some tips on how to create popular social media posts.

Plan on the fly: Trending hashtags listed on the home screen of your social media provide clues to what the online audience cares about at any given time.

In addition to standard hashtags used by your industry, when posting content, take an extra second to see if any of these hot topics relate to your post and add them in. Try using trending hashtags to inspire a post.

Plan ahead: Get a jump on the game by creating engaging content that captures audience attention interested in popular hashtags. Predictable trending hashtags include holiday hashtags, hashtags about awards shows, sporting events, seasonal shifts in color, weather and fashion.

Engagement is key: A post that entices action wins over new followers. Questions and polls work best because everyone has an opinion. Angle them towards your key customer base for high retention and engagement.

Find your sweet spot: If your primary consumer is between 25-35, create content geared towards saving money, family safety or anything enhancing the life of their children has proven popular. At the other end of the spectrum, older consumers shift to health topics.

Remember, the content does not always have to do with your industry. It’s about balancing information and fun. Accomplishing this will put your company’s name first on your followers’ lips when the need for your product or services arises.

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