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Google Marking Sites Non-Secure:
Get Your SSL Certificate Now

Get an SSL Certificate Now: Google Marking Sites Non-Secure Starting in January 2017

In January 2017, Google will mark sites without SSL certificates as non-secure. Make sure you have an SSL certificate on your website, so your site isn’t one the tech giant marks as non-secure in the new version of Chrome.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate, also known as a digital certificate or secure socket layer, encrypts data between a website and browser. You can identify sites with an SSL certificate by the “s” at the end of the “http” in the browser bar. For example, https://pointtakenpr.com has an SSL certificate. If your browser showed https://pointtakenpr.com, it would mean the site did not have an SSL certificate.

With the release of Chrome 56, the new version of the Chrome browser, Google begin notifying users when a site collects passwords or credit cards and does not have an SSL certificate.

Your site should have a secure green bar in the browser window on every page of your website:

You may also have to update settings in your content management system (such as WordPress) and internal links or image files to begin with https instead of http.

Need More Resources?

View some additional articles to help explain the switch at Google, CNN Money or PC World.

How Do I Get an SSL Certificate for My Site?

Whether or not you are collecting sensitive data on your website, you don’t want customers or donors to potentially see a non-secure notice on your website. Get your SSL certificate now by contacting your hosting provider or contacting Point Taken for assistance.

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