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Five Unique Gifts Holiday Gifts for Clients

You could go with the customized multi-flavored popcorn bin – and there’s no doubt it will be appreciated by everyone in the office. But if you want to make a statement that says you’re the best vendor-gift-giver this season, here are some options that will make your client happy and the rest of the office wishing there was more to go around. Point Taken, a Jacksonville public relations, marketing and web design firm, shares five unique holiday gifts for clients:

    1. Customized Yeti Tumbler – $29.99 – Yeti is a luxury everyone wants but not everyone can afford. Your client will be thinking about this generous splurge all year long when her coffee is kept piping hot or his ice tea freezing cold in a stainless steel mug with your logo on it. Select from one of the many color options available and then upload the company logo. That’s it. Yeti Custom Shop even waives the $10 logo fee when you order six or more tumblers. https://bit.ly/2QlzNeC
    2. BarkBox Subscription – $29 – Is there a furry friend in the family photo on your client’s desk? If you’re doing business with one of the millions of dog owners who think of their pet as more of a child than a canine (as we do at Point Taken), appeal to their heart with a gift for Fido. Each box contains multiple treats and toys, and they are customized for the dog’s size. Individual boxes go for $29. If you really want to make an impression, six-month and one-year subscriptions are available at a reduced rate. https://bit.ly/2N7Rv7E
    3. Tate’s Bake Shop Cookies – $19 – This Southampton store has made a sweet name for itself with signature melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies. Get them delivered fresh from the oven with free shipping and 20 percent off your first order when you sign up for the Tate’s Bake Shop newsletter. Add-ons include a $15 glass cookie jar or $25 ceramic cookie jar. Multiple other gift boxes and baskets available, as well as gluten-free products. https://bit.ly/2bUXxF8
    4. Customized Cell Phone Power Bank & Pop Sockets – $9 and $5 – In this hi-tech world, you can never have too much power. This portable device is so small, clients will forget they are carrying it, until they need it. Your logo emblazoned on the side will remind your client who saved the day. Multiple colors are available with one logo color free. Additional options available for a fee. https://bit.ly/2CRO3cq . Not sure what a Pop Socket is? That’s ok.Pop Sockets are the opposable thumb for cell phones. Once your client has one on their phone, they won’t take it off. The convenience it provides for handling a cell with one hand is unmatched. On the collapsible circular pad, your logo is there for everyone to see. Product only comes in packs of 100, but you will have plenty to pass out all year long. https://bit.ly/2yvEB8x
    5. Catered Lunch – Prices Vary – The hustle continues even during the holidays. Time is the most precious commodity. If you can’t take them to lunch, treat them to lunch. They’ve gotta eat, right? Be the hero with delicious heroes or the apple of their eye with pizza pie. The options are endless. Just like the compliments you’ll receive for this yummy gift.


Still can’t decide on the perfect gift for your clients? Point Taken can help. Contact us today for assistance picking a holiday gift for clients that speaks to your brand and makes a big splash.

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