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Five Trends in Jacksonville
Nonprofit Web Design

Are you a Jacksonville-based nonprofit in need of web design? Point Taken specializes in Jacksonville nonprofit web design and offers five trends in nonprofit web design to help your site stand out to donors.
  1. Make Your Donation Call-to-Action Clear: Your donors can’t give you money if they can’t figure out how to donate. Make sure your call-to-action is clear and easy to find. Put a call-to-action button on the homepage that links to your donation page so people can quickly and simply find a way to fund your organization.
  2. Ensure Your Phone Number and Email are Easy to Find: A lot of nonprofits put their contact information in the footer of their website. While some donors may search to find out how to reach you, many are looking for a quick and easy way to contact you. Display your phone number and email address prominently on your website so donors can easily get in touch to ask questions about your organization or fundraising campaigns. Just remember, never post your full email address on your site where spammers can easily find it. Instead, post the words, “Email Us” and include a link to your email address.
  3. Utilize Compelling Images: Nothing catches a potential donor’s eye like a image that clearly explains what your organization does to help your community. Do you save animals? Showcase the stunning eyes of an adoptable pet. Do you help children? Share pictures of adorable littles ones you have assisted (with┬ásigned model releases of course).
  4. Use┬áVideo: Video is a great way convey your organization’s mission and get a prospective donor’s attention. Share video on your website that tells a bit about your services, but remember to use an external video host like YouTube or Vimeo (video files are just too large and will weigh down your website).
  5. Make it Mobile: If your website isn’t mobile friendly, many of your potential donors are not going to find you. Many people only use mobile devices, so if they can’t find you on their iPad, iPhone or Android device, you’ll never even have the chance to get a donation from them. Ensure your website is mobile friendly and it is easy to figure out how to donate to your organization.

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