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Five Holiday Gifts to Give Yourself

As a business executive, small business owner, or nonprofit executive, you are constantly working. Even when you aren’t working, you are thinking about the progress of your organization and how you can improve sales, donations or other initiatives. As the holiday season approaches, it is time to give a little something to yourself.

Point Taken, a Jacksonville-based marketing and public relations firm specializing in business and nonprofit communications, offers five gift ideas to give yourself this holiday season:

  1. Take a Day Off: We know it is hard to get away from your management duties, but you deserve a break. Take some time away from work, and you may even be surprised at the new and innovate ideas that come from a clear head.
  2. Get a Massage: At varied price points, massages are an excellent way to fight stress. On a budget, find a local massage school or lower-priced spa for 60-minutes massages around $60. Looking for a more relaxing experience? Contact a local resort and book a treatment. Some hotels even offer specials for local residents and day passes for use of spa amenities.
  3. See a Movie During Work Hours: There is nothing quite like seeing a movie in an empty theater. The best time to score a viewing to yourself is before noon, and prices are even cheaper at that hour. If you have employees, you don’t want to upset them by taking time off for something you don’t allow them to do, so make sure to offer them the same benefit or an alternative that ensures they continue to see you as a fair manager.
  4. Go for a Long Walk: If you can’t take a lot of time away from the office, take a long walk instead. Whether you take a stroll near your business or nonprofit organization or find a trail for some real time to yourself, fresh air is sure to renew your spirit.
  5. Take a Nap: Feeling overwhelmed? A nap can help. Head home, curl up in bed and get some rest. Again, remember to offer your employees the same opportunity and keep in mind the benefits of a clear mind. A one or two-hour nap could lead to your next big line of products or services or a great new donor campaign.

Don’t think you can step away to try one of these gifts for yourself? Contact Point Taken. We might just be able to take some holiday tasks off your plate, giving you the opportunity to take a break.

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