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Five Event Planning Tips

If you’ve ever planned an event, you know it is a challenge. From ordering food and drinks to writing a script and event schedule, every detail counts. At Point Taken, we understand how difficult it is to plan an event, especially one designed to raise money or awareness about your business or nonprofit organization. Point Taken offers five event planning tips to help ensure you produce a successful event.

  1. Remember why you are hosting the event: While it may seem simple to get lost in the fun parts of event planning (picking a theme, linen colors and decorations is a blast), you have to keep the mission of your event in mind. If you are trying to raise funds, don’t blow your budget on overpriced accessories. If you are trying to showcase and sell a new product line, make sure your brand is represented professionally (no handwritten signs, homemade websites or dirty tables showcasing your product). Keep your mind on the mission for a successful event.
  2. Choose guests wisely: If you are hosting a fundraiser with a goal of securing $1,000,000 in donations, don’t invite guests who don’t have the means to make a big contribution. If you are trying to sell a new line of women’s skincare products, don’t invite a lot of men (unless they like to shop for their wives). Remember your target audience and invite them to attend your event.
  3. Confirm your vendors: While you may have checked, checked and triple checked with your food, drink or other vendors, make sure to check with them on arrival times and confirm them one last time the day before the event. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Don’t sweat it: No matter how hard you plan, something will go wrong. Your job as an event planner is to minimize the problems and solve them quickly. While you may know something was amiss, your guests shouldn’t know you missed a beat. Plan carefully so events run smoothly.
  5. Network, network, network: Even as an event planner, you are a representative of the business or charity the event is promoting. Do you homework, learn about the organization and make sure you can speak to key points and answer any questions from possible buyers or donors at the event. The success of any event is determined by how engaged the audience is and how much money it raises, so do your best to lead the way by becoming a cheerleader for the product or cause.

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