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How to Create
Effective Donor Communications
to Increase Donations
and Engagement

The last two years have been filled with a lot of heavy topics and many are finding that donating to an organization or cause that they care about brings them a sense of peace. Because of this, many non-profit organizations are finding themselves trying to come up with new and fresh ways to engage with their audience and keep the donations flowing, so they can continue doing good for their communities. Point Taken has helped many non-profits over the years with how to properly communicate with their audiences to increase both engagement and donations. Our team is ready to help your organization come up with a plan and we can go more in-depth on some of the ways to engage below.

The Story Telling Non Profit says to start with something simple, like a hashtag. Your loyal followers and donors can help you share this hashtag so it’s easier for people to search for your organization and what your goal and mission is. It can be a long-term hashtag that you can use indefinitely, or it can be a shorter term one that you use for a specific campaign, event or time of year.

SG Engage says remember simplicity can work best. Websites and social media pages can be overwhelming these days with pictures, links, tabs and more. When talking donations, make it simple and easy so someone doesn’t get frustrated trying to figure out how to contribute. The Point Taken Team has extensive experience in website design, and we can help your non-profit organization create a user-friendly donation page that is easy to navigate.

Give donors and potential donors options for staying in touch. If someone is willing to pull cash out or their credit card out to donate, there’s a good chance they’re willing to hear from your organization in the future. Make it easy for people to opt in to e-mail updates so they can continue to learn about where their money goes when they donate and potentially share the information with a loved one by simply forwarding.

We also recommend nonprofits offer more than one way to donate, as people like options, Non Profit Pro reminds. For example, many people like the idea of a recurring donation, which can be monthly, yearly or even bi-monthly. Suggesting giving amounts is also a useful tool, specifically for people new to your organization. Breaking down the cost of certain parts of your mission and attaching each moving part to a price can give donors a better idea of how their money is used and why donations are needed year-round.

Point Taken knows how important our nonprofit organizations are to our communities and that coming up with a donation plan or campaign may seem daunting at times. Our team of PR and marketing professionals are equipped with skills to help you put together a plan that will help engage with the appropriate audience and properly explain why their generosity is so important.

Point Taken Communications, a boutique Jacksonville public relations and marketing firm serving brands nationwide, creates engaging campaigns that ignite positive change and move audiences to action. We go above and beyond, ensuring each client gets the best return on its investment. Our team of senior professionals has decades of experience bringing bold, creative ideas to life to help companies and nonprofits grow and evolve. At Point Taken, our clients inspire us to fuel progress for your organization, your industry and our world.