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Content Marketing for
Nonprofits and Businesses

Have you ever downloaded an e-book, read a blog post or viewed an infographic? Without even realizing it, you’ve engage in content marketing for nonprofits or businesses. While you are benefitting from the valuable information the nonprofit or business is giving you, they are also winning by obtaining your contact information for future marketing —  a win-win for both the consumer and the nonprofit or business.

So, as a nonprofit or business, how do you start content marketing? The key to quality, engaging content marketing to offer something of value to potential leads, prospects and customers. For example, a nonprofit veterinary clinic could provide a free, downloadable e-book covering all the vaccines your pet needs. A donor database company could offer a video to the best ways to ask for a donation. A financial institution could start a podcast on saving for college or retirement. Just remember to have a lead-capture form, so your nonprofit or business collects vital information about a lead in exchange for the valuable content you are giving away. 

The job isn’t done when the lead downloads your content. Next, you need to nurture that lead with targted, segmented emails, calls and other methods of communications. For shorter sales cycles, offer a discount or a video giving additional information to help your lead; for longer sales cycles, try a webinar or free review.

Still not sure how to utilize content marketing for nonprofits or businesses. Point Taken can help. Contact us today.

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