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Christmas in July:
Why You Need to Start Planning Nonprofit
and Small Business Holiday Marketing
and PR in the Summer

While summer is often time for nonprofit executives and small business owners to take much-needed vacations, it is also an important period to plan your third- and fourth-quarter marketing and public relations efforts. Beginning your nonprofit and small business holiday planning early ensures ample time to solicit partners for fundraisers or special events, obtain giveaways or book locations for parties. So grab a bottle of suntan lotion and your laptop, and enjoy Christmas in July.

Point Taken, a Jacksonville marketing and public relations firm specializing in small business and nonprofit communications, shares six nonprofit and small business holiday marketing ideas and techniques to start planning and implementing those ideas over the summer.

1. Prepare for Black Friday: Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is typically considered the official start of holiday season shopping. Many companies offer discounts to customers who shop early on Black Friday or specials that are available on Black Friday only. Plan early to determine what promotions to offer and start advertising Black Friday sales in advance of Thanksgiving. Nonprofits can take advantage of Black Friday by offering special gifts for donations, discounts on services or simply by encouraging donors to give donations instead of buying gifts this holiday season.

2. Partner with like-minded organizations: Small businesses should find a nonprofit organization with a similar mission and partner with that charity for increased awareness. Nonprofits can work together to further their goals. A veterinarian could donate $5 to a local animal welfare agency for every $100 worth of services performed in the month of December. A nonprofit organization with the goal of teaching more children to read could partner with a nearby library to give used books to kids as presents. Partnerships can lead to increased business, a rise in donations and additional awareness opportunities for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

3. Make strategic donations: That veterinarian giving donations to a local animal welfare charity should select a nonprofit partner with similar goals and a mission in accordance with the company’s business plan. Make sure the nonprofit is in sound financial shape and is a registered 501(c)(3). Research nonprofit organizations at Guidestar or the IRS Exempt Organizations Select Check. Contact nonprofits early to develop partnerships as holidays are often busy fundraising times.

4. Host a fundraising party: Small businesses can invite customers to donate money or goods to a charity of choice at holiday parties. Nonprofits can host events educating potential donors about their services and mission. Remember to research venues early as locations often book quickly during the holiday season.

5. Send holiday-themed emails: Inboxes fill up quickly in November and December, so plan your holiday-themed emails early to allow ample time to develop the perfect subject line and call to action. Unopened emails won’t help sell products or solicit donations, so a little creativity will go a long way towards growing an organization. Think of unique ways to make emails stand out in crowded inboxes.

6. Employ social media: People enjoy sharing holiday photos with friends and family, so the holiday season is the perfect time to attract new business via social media. Run paid advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Remember to also share promotions, discounts and donation and volunteer opportunities via business feeds and ask partners to share with their fans and followers.

While the holiday season is often overwhelming for small business owners and nonprofit executives, planning ahead starting in the summer will make nonprofit and small business holiday marketing easier. Need assistance with your nonprofit or small business holiday marketing and public relations? Contact Point Taken today.

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