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Best Practices in Email Marketing

Five Tips to Increase Your Email Marketing Open and Click Rates for Businesses and Nonprofits

Sending e-blasts to your mailing list but not getting responses? Are members of your email list not opening or clicking on your emails? Are a lot of people unsubscribing from your list? Point Taken, a Jacksonville marketing, public relations and website design agency, offer five best practices for email marketing to help businesses and nonprofit organizations increase their open and click rates:

  1. Skip the Stop Words: Certain words can trigger email service providers to send your e-blast to spam. These so-called “Stop Words” can land your beautifully crafted email outside the inbox and inside the spam folder. Words such as “cash,” “no cost” and “never” may seem harmless, but using them in a subject line might just hurt your e-blast. To see more spam-trigger words, read this blog post by HubSpot or Automational’s post.
  2. Start with a Compelling Subject Line: You probably get a lot of boring emails in your inbox every single day. Do you open them? Probably not. Make your email subject line stand out from the crowd by being a little unique. Instead of saying, “Read About Our New Service Line,” try “It’s Time: New Services To Solve Your XXX Problems.”  Feel free to insert the type of problems you are solving where the XXXs are placed.
  3. Keep it Simple: No one has time to read a long e-blast. Keep it short and sweet. Don’t cover too many topics in one e-blast and make sure to cover your most important points at the beginning of your email.
  4. Offer an Opt-Out: Some prospects, leads or former customers might not need your products or services anymore. Chances are, those people aren’t opening your emails. Send them a break-up email, asking them to resubscribe if they want to keep receiving your emails. If they sign back up, you know they are still interested in your products or services. If they don’t resubscribe, you didn’t need them on your list because there is very little chance of them buying or donating to your company or cause.
  5. Close with a Call to Action: Don’t forget the most important part of your email. Give your prospects, leads and customers a reason to visit your website from your e-blast with a clear call to action. Tell them exactly why they should click and what they will get when the click. Great examples are buttons saying, “Click Here Now to Register” or “Get More Information Now.”

Email marketing is a process of trial and error. Some e-blasts may perform better than others and some techniques may inspire some audiences to respond better than other email lists. Try using different subject lines and email formats to see which works best for your prospects, leads and clients.

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