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9 Ways to Use Marketing Automation
for Your Business
or Nonprofit Organization

Ways to Use Marketing Automation to Promote Your Small Business or Nonprofit

Marketing automation offers businesses and nonprofit organizations a way to streamline many of the manual tasks they do regularly. Combining a variety of technologies, marketing automation systems such as SharpSpring, HubSpot and Marketo allow business owners and organization executives to send emails, nurture prospects, score leads, organize data and analyze reports on marketing and public relations efforts.

Point Taken, a Jacksonville marketing, public relations and web design firm, outlines nine ways to use marketing automation in your small business or nonprofit organization:

  1. See who is visiting your website: Get daily updates of visitors to your site with detail describing how they came to your site. Login to your account to see exactly what pages people visited or view a timeline of their behaviors to understand how they are interacting with your content, whether they are opening emails or filling out forms. Turn on call tracking to see data related to phone calls and prospect, lead or customer behaviors all in one place.
  2. Automatically email free content to subscribers: Offer free, downloadable content in exchange for an email address. You get a new subscriber to your list that you can contact in the future; the prospect receives valuable information without having to pay for it. Using marketing automation software, create workflows to send an email containing your free content as soon as a consumer requests it.
  3. Send appointment reminders or confirmations: Use a date and time field to automatically send reminders of upcoming appointments and confirm meetings so you never waste time waiting for a forgetful client or prospect.
  4. Email birthday cards: It is easy to send a note of appreciation to clients, prospects and leads on birthdays or anniversaries. Use a date field to automatically send a note of congratulations.
  5. Personalize emails: Use data fields to send personally addressed emails or include data you have collected about prospects, leads and customers such as their interests, products they need or their pets’ names.
  6. Nurture prospects: Send targeted emails to customers automatically at set time periods. Chatted with a prospect today? Send automatic follow-up emails in three days, three weeks and three months.
  7. Learn about your prospects and customers: Using forms, small business owners and nonprofit executives can collect data about their prospects, leads and customers.
  8. Score your leads: Assign values to different actions clients, prospects and leads take to develop an automatic score that allows you to see how hot they are as a prospect. Use lead scores to spend more time on prospects that may actually result in sales.
  9. Analyze campaigns: Dive into data with analysis features that work with other parts of your marketing campaigns. Ask people how they heard about your business and let them select from a variety of choices (including traditional media) or tie in your Google AdWords account for more detailed campaign ROI.

Want to learn more about how marketing automation can help grow your small business or nonprofit organization? Contact Point Taken today.

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