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Navigating nationwide and Jacksonville influencer relations can be difficult. With so many influencers online, how do you select the best one (or ones) to represent your brand? With so many fans, how can you tell if the influencer is legitimately influencing others or is just purchasing followers? With influencers asking for payment, often in the thousands of dollars, how can you decide who and how many to pay? At Point Taken, we are experienced in influencer relations and can help you find the right person to represent your company or nonprofit organization.

There are a variety of types of influencers. From nano influencers to micro influencers and macro influencers to celebrities, there are a wide range of people who can make or break your brand. Add in customers, employees and brand evangelists, and the challenge of choosing the right person to represent and promote your brand becomes even more challenging. 

Influencers also vary by market. Some cities have a large number of influencers with expansive followings, while some areas have very few people making an impression online. Finding the right influencer, with the right audience and the right content is key to selling more of your products or services or collecting more donations.

Need help finding the right influencer for your brand? Point Taken can help. Contact us today.

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