Small Business Public Relations,
Video Production, Web Design and Marketing

As a small business owner or executive, you are tasked with a wide variety of activities, from bookkeeping to human resources, inventory management and customer service, to bill collection, marketing and public relations.

You may be desperately searching for more prospects, leads and clients, but you aren’t sure if advertising, social media or email communications are right for your organization. You wonder if your small business can afford public relations and marketing consulting.

How Can Small Business Public Relations and Marketing Help Your Company?

This is where Point Taken Communications comes in. We work closely with each of our clients, analyzing budgets and creating strategic marketing and public relations plans to make the most of the money you spend. Not every marketing or public relations tactic is right for every business, but Point Taken Communications acts as your trusted advisor, consulting to develop marketing and public relations plans tailored for your business.

At Point Taken Communications, we assist companies in a wide variety of industries including:

Point Taken Communications offers a wide variety of innovative marketing and public relations efforts specializing in communications services for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Point Taken is a Jacksonville public relations and marketing firm offering strategic PR and marketing services using tactics such as media relations, social media management, content marketing, email and newsletter campaign production, blogging and event planning to assist organizations across the country. Contact us today to learn how we can help grow your small business.

Point Taken Communications is a public relations firm, specializing in media relations, social media influencer relations, press release writing, pitching and media training nationwide. As a public relations, marketing, video production and web design firm, we serve corporations, medium-sized businesses, small businesses, firms and nonprofit agencies across the country. We increase the return on your investment by managing your brand and messaging across all channels to ensure clarity and consistency. We are a full-service agency built to help businesses and nonprofit organizations promote their products, services and mission to drive more dollars and donations. At Point Taken, you only work with senior-level professionals with a wealth of industry contacts and marketing, PR, video production and web design knowledge who can maximize your budget, guide your marketing efforts and get the job done right the first time.

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