Mid-Size Business Public Relations, Marketing,
Video Production & Web Design

Point Taken helps mid-sized businesses earn more revenue with public relations, marketing and web design. That’s why we offer mid-size business public relations, marketing and web design services.

Whether you need help with media relations, content marketing, blogging, video production, event production, public speaking, collateral design, informational or e-commerce web design, paid advertising, social media, marketing automation, e-blast or direct mail production, search engine optimization or branding, Point Taken can help.

Point Taken’s senior-level marketing, public relations and web design professionals can guide your efforts to ensure you utilize your marketing budget for the best possible return on investment. As a boutique firm, you only work with our senior-level executives, so we can ensure the best possible work done right the first time.

Point Taken helps mid-size businesses with a variety of public relations and marketing needs, such as:

Point Taken Communications is a Jacksonville, Fla.-based company specializing in public relations, marketing and web design for corporations, medium-sized businesses, small businesses, firms and nonprofit agencies across the country. We increase the return on your investment by managing your brand and messaging across all channels to ensure clarity and consistency. We are a full-service agency built to help businesses and nonprofit organizations promote their products, services and mission to drive more dollars and donations. At Point Taken, you only work with senior-level professionals with a wealth of industry contacts and marketing, PR and web design knowledge who can maximize your budget, guide your marketing efforts