Instagram and Facebook: What’s Best for My Business?


Social media has grown drastically over the last decade and during the days of COVID-19, many businesses have learned just how important it can be for their company. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the list goes on. There are so many methods of reaching your audience, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Point Taken is here to help guide you to learn the methods best for your business and how to appropriately utilize each social media channel. Let’s focus on Instagram and Facebook, the two of the most commonly used social media sites by businesses…

How to Create a Crisis Communications Plan


Although many cities and states are gradually reopening, the future with COVID-19 is still uncertain and therefore it’s always important for businesses to stay prepared and have a crisis communication plan in place. If you’ve made it through the pandemic thus far without one, consider yourself lucky, as many of Point Taken’s clients say their business would be struggling by now if it weren’t for having that plan in place. Point Taken explains how to create a crisis communications plan…

Video Conference Call Backgrounds: Do’s and Don’ts


Video conference calls, including methods like Zoom, have become extremely popular in the days of COVID-19. Working from home can mean dressing more casual, but it’s important to still look professional on video calls and that professionalism includes your conference call background. Some take the route of showcasing their home in their background, by using a wall with pretty décor, or using a space that makes them feel relaxed. Others use customary backgrounds that the Zoom app offer – everything from a tropical beach to a contemporary office setting. Although some of these backgrounds may look fun or energetic, they can also be distracting and could come off across as unprofessional…

Five Tips to Manage Remote Teams


Managing remote teams can be an efficient, cost-effective way to do business. As long as everyone is on the same page and moving in the same direction. These five tips will help you manage remote teams…

Coronavirus Public Relations: Facts Not Fear


During a pandemic, it’s difficult to keep track of what directly affects your community, organization and family when news is 24/7 covering the disease globally. Here a few coronavirus public relations tips to help you business or nonprofit navigate unforeseen circumstances, as we are currently facing worldwide…

Jacksonville Crisis Communications


When a disastrous event or difficult situation occurs, it can greatly affect the future of your business or nonprofit organization. That’s why it is vital companies and organizations have a crisis communication plan to respond to customers and the public promptly. Point Taken, a Jacksonville public relations and marketing firm specializes in Jacksonville crisis communications. Crisis communications means having a strategic plan in place to make corresponding with people during a disruptive event quick, proactive and detailed. During crisis communications, businesses and organizations should constantly monitor the situation as it evolves to keep their customers updated with cancellations, rescheduling and other information. Some ways a company can properly respond to a crisis include: