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How to Create High-Converting Email Newsletters

How to create high-converting newsletters

How to Create High-Converting Email Newsletters While you may feel bombarded by email newsletters, they are still popular and can generate sales and donations. From nonprofit organizations to small, medium, and large-sized businesses, email newsletters are a great way to gain new customers and engage current or previous clients. Email newsletters draw people’s attention to […]

How to Create an Editorial Calendar


How to Create an Editorial Calendar An editorial calendar is key to any marketing or public relations strategy, but people often ask us how to create an editorial calendar. At Point Taken, we encourage our customers to have an editorial calendar to manage their marketing and PR efforts. Not only will an editorial calendar help […]

How to Prove A Brand is Socially Responsible


How to Prove a Brand is Socially Responsible Now, more than ever, people care deeply about the ethics and values of the businesses they support. But how do you prove a brand is socially responsible? Many customers buy specifically from companies they know are socially responsible. That means people approve of the way a brand […]

The Benefits of GA4


The Benefits of GA4 Google Analytics 4, or GA4, is officially in business and many businesses and nonprofit organizations, including some of our Point Taken clients, are already reaping the rewards. If you’re a business or nonprofit executive and aren’t sure how GA4 can impact your sales and donations, we are going to break down […]

Nine Marketing Trends for 2023


Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023 2023 is here and a new year means new trends, so Point Taken is sharing social media marketing trends for 2023! Marketing and PR are rapidly changing fields, so it’s important to stay updated on trends, or it could significantly impact your business and the way you connect with […]

How to Sell Products with Public Relations


How to Sell Products with Public Relations Though every company and product is different, all brands can benefit from more sales. But how to do you make more sales? Try utilizing some PR tactics. Let’s explore how to sell products with public relations.  Our first piece of advice may surprise you as it’s not directly […]