Hetal Gandhi | PR Account Director

Hetal Gandhi | PR Account Director Hetal Gandhi is a veteran journalist with over two decades of expertise in storytelling, video production, digital media management and marketing. Working as an on-air reporter at WTVJ in Miami and Fox13 in Tampa, she perfected the art of pitching lead stories and using her platform to be a […]

7 Veterinary Marketing Tips


7 Veterinary Marketing Tips Promoting your veterinary practice might be the last thing on your mind. From taking care of patients to managing your staff and owner expectations, marketing often falls to the bottom of your to-do list. Point Taken, a marketing and PR firm specializing in veterinary marketing, shares 7 veterinary marketing tips. Share […]

The new age challenges of SEO


The New Age Challenges of SEO SEO (search engine optimization) is a common topic of conversation in PR and marketing. In fact, we have written other blog posts on this exact topic. This time around we want to discuss the new age challenges of SEO. We know that SEO “is the process of improving the […]

Clutch Highlights Point Taken Communications Among Jacksonville’s Top PR Firms for 2022

Clutch Highlights Point Taken Communications Among Jacksonville’s Top PR Firms for 2022 At Point Taken Communications, we specialize in growing brands that make the world a better place. We are a marketing and public relations firm based in Jacksonville, Florida serving brands across the country. Our seasoned team consists of experienced writers, public speakers, video […]

How do I measure the impact of PR in 2022?


How Do I Measure the Impact of PR in 2022? PR measurement is key for PR agencies, but also for clients, as the measurement can show the type of exposure the PR firm they hired is helping them receive. Over the years, the methodologies for measuring public relations have changed, and as the media changes, […]

What is Nonprofit PR?


What is Nonprofit PR? With nonprofit organizations on the rise and people caring more and more about contributing to them, Point Taken wants to answer, “What is Nonprofit PR?” We will also explain how nonprofit organizations can benefit from public relations. There are 1.3 million  nonprofits in the U.S. according to the National Council of […]