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What is Nonprofit PR?


What is Nonprofit PR? With nonprofit organizations on the rise and people caring more and more about contributing to them, Point Taken wants to answer, “What is Nonprofit PR?” We will also explain how nonprofit organizations can benefit from public relations. There are 1.3 million  nonprofits in the U.S. according to the National Council of […]

Public Relations for Defense Contractors


Public Relations for Defense Contractors Contact Us In today’s unpredictable world, public relations for defense contractors helps put contractors in front of military and government decision makers. Whether submitting thought leadership pieces to publications such as Defense News, Defense One or Janes, our senior public relations professionals have the military and defense knowledge to showcase […]

What is My Media Coverage Worth?


What is My Media Coverage Worth? It is hard to figure out exactly what a media story is worth. Marketing directors, PR professionals, business owners, development directors — really anyone who has secured some form of media story — has probably asked, “What is my media coverage worth?” In this quick quiz, Point Taken will […]

Business Public Relations Marketing and Web Design


Point Taken Can Help Your Business Spark Change Let’s Spark Change Together Who We Help Financial Services Hospitality Human Resources Health Care Pet Products Constructon Retail Legal Luxury Home Improvement Restaurants Veterinary Because marketing and PR are constantly changing, it is a challenge to manage business public relations and marketing. If you sit in the […]

Seven Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Marketing Firm


Seven Questions to AskBefore Hiring a Marketing Firm Deciding which marketing agency to work with can be a lot like dating. That’s what a lot of marketing experts say and we at Point Taken agree, so that’s why we’ve compiled a list of seven questions to ask before hiring a marketing firm. Hiring a marketing […]

What is Marketing Automation?


What is Marketing Automation? You’ve probably heard of it, but what is m marketing automation? Marketing automation makes those repetitive tasks you do everyday simpler, but how do you implement marketing automation? Point Taken has tested a variety of marketing automation software systems, and the best solution depends on your particular needs. Whether you are […]