Aligning Goals Between Marketing Firms and Clients is the Key to Success


Why Aligning Goals Between Marketing Firms and Clients is the Key to Success As a marketing and public relations agency, we understand successful partnerships are built on a solid foundation of aligned communication goals between our firm and our clients. Before launching any marketing or PR campaigns, make sure to follow these tips to ensure […]

How to Celebrate Diversity in Marketing


How To Celebrate Diversity in Marketing and PR As more and more people across the globe move from one country to another and businesses and nonprofits expand operations into other nations, understanding how to celebrate diversity in marketing and public relations efforts is crucial. As a business or nonprofit, you want to embrace the cultures […]

What is Destination Marketing?


What is Destination Marketing? From restaurants and resorts to states and stadiums, destination marketing can help your business attract more customers. Point Taken, a public relations and marketing firm serving brands nationwide, is often asked, “What is destination marketing?” Destination marketing is a type of marketing that promotes a particular eatery, hotel, resort,¬† county, city, […]

Influencer Coverage


Social Media Influencer Coverage Let’s Spark Change Together Brands are finding new prospects, leads and customers with social media influencers. At Point Taken, we work with influencers all over the country and can help showcase your products or services through social media influencer coverage. Here’s a sampling of the social media¬† influencer coverage we’ve secured […]

How to Create High-Converting Email Newsletters

How to create high-converting newsletters

How to Create High-Converting Email Newsletters While you may feel bombarded by email newsletters, they are still popular and can generate sales and donations. From nonprofit organizations to small, medium, and large-sized businesses, email newsletters are a great way to gain new customers and engage current or previous clients. Email newsletters draw people’s attention to […]